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Working in partnership with initiatives and people who deliver quality work with integrity

Collaborating with initiatives and groups committed to innovation and social change

I work on a range of research-in-development organisations and initiatives that work across gender, justice, human rights, food and nutrition security, and inclusive governance. I am currently engaged with a variety of research, non-government and civil society organisations working at the nexus of science-communications-policy-advocacy.  These collaborations are always multi-disciplinary and committed to impact and inclusivity.


Formally, I am a Partner Investigator and Adjunct Research Fellow with the Australian Research Council’s Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, James Cook University, and an Affiliated Researcher with the Centre for Marine Socioecology at the University of Tasmania. 


Organisations and initiatives I am currently collaborating with include: 

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Collaborations with inspiring people dedicated to social equity and environmental sustainability 

Innovation, excellence, and growth happen through open communication and collaboration with diverse individuals and groups.  At the heart of my inspiring and productive collaborations are people who are committed to impact, quality, and integrity in their work. 

The people below are my closest collaborators and are at the core of my work, learning, and career journey. They are all committed to making positive change and have strong ties to interdisciplinary and inclusive research, communications, and coaching approaches to build lasting capacity.

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