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Employing principles of inclusive and ethical communications with diverse experts and groups


​I work with skilled communicators, committed advocates, and a diverse network of applied scholars and resource managers. Together we draw a range of research and perspectives into communications products and governance processes.  

Critical to our work is the collaboration with groups that represent local communities and resource users. 

To build toward more equitable and sustainable futures, we work to amplify messages and build agency of civil society and stakeholder groups in ways that will strengthen accountability to their needs and aspirations. 

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The approach to working alongside PhD scholars through the CGIAR Research Program on Fish Agri-Food systems

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A short video from women fish processors and traders - their experiences of COVID-19, and ideas for building forward better

A Policy Brief developed through participatory and collaborative processes - to build forward to a more inclusive and equitable future

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A short video about our collaboration that developed  "FishNutrients" - a new tools on FishBase 

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4 assumptions about gender that distort how we think about climate change (& 3 ways to do better)

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Securing a just space for small-scale fisheries in the Blue Economy

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The solution to hidden hunger in many developing countries lies just offshore

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Shifting tides: how can small-scale fisheries help address the Sustainable Development Goals?

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Centering Small-Scale Fisheries in National Food and Nutrition Plans 

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